Miss Cook Islands





Miss Cook Islands 2009 Contestants





Miss Turtles 

Name: Poutau ‘i Lazel Anthony

Age: 17 years


Miss Pearl Lounge

Name: Joyana Mennie Meyer

Age: 19 years

Miss Bank of the Cook Islands

Name: Uirangi Bishop

Age: 21 years




Miss Budget Rent a Car

Name: Josephine Clark Turepu

Age: 21 years



Miss Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa

Name: Engara Melanie Amanda Gosselin

Age: 24 years




Miss Paka's Pearls

Name: Titifa Tina Memory Kae

Age: 21 years




Miss Telecom Cook Islands

Name: Belinda Nganu

Age: 22 years




Miss Island Car and Bike Hire

Name: Pepe Mei George

Age: 23 years



Miss Westpac Bank

Name: Julia Meari Alana Scott

Age: 23 years




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